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I am not hiring at this time. The information that follows will give you a very open and candid view of my law office. My goal is to give you the information that you need to determine if this is the right job for you. There are two types of positions in my office. These are paralegal and data input clerk. I am not currently hiring for either position. 

Job Description: Paralegal (posted online as "Office Assistant")

Employees usually work 8 to 24 hours per week.  You will not work weekends.  This will not turn into a full-time position.  Do NOT apply if you are seeking a full time position or if you need a job with insurance benefits

COMPENSATION:  You will start at $12/hour. Your raises after this depend on your performance and the profitability of my office. There are no health-care benefits.
WHAT YOU WILL DO:  The paralegal interviews clients, answers calls, performs data entry, and prepares the paperwork associated with a law office. You will be taught how to prepare motions and orders for the court. I do a high volume of traffic tickets, so you will answer a high volume of calls.


You do NOT need any legal background or experience.

You must be very detail oriented and have strong clerical skills.

You must have strong people skills and be able to work with every type of person.

You must type at least 40 w.p.m.

You must be familiar with computers and Microsoft Word.

You must be able to work well under pressure.


What is it like working for Tim Rusk?


Before you are hired, you will be given the opportunity to interview with my paralegals privately. You may want to ask them that question. Below is information that will help you decide if this is the job for you.

MY GOALS:  One of my goals is to be an excellent employer.  Being an excellent employer involves several things.  First, I treat my employees the way that I want to be treated.  I remember working very hard for my former employers and never heard a word of appreciation.  I vividly remember how that made me feel.  I swore that if I were ever in a position to employ people that I would treat them the way that I wanted to be treated, which is with dignity and respect.  On a regular basis, I tell my employees that I appreciate them. 

Another goal is to make your work environment as pleasant as possible.  For example, on your birthday you will be honored with a party.  Don't be surprised if you see me dressed as Spiderman at Halloween or Santa Claus at Christmas.  I love to hear laughter in my office because I believe that everyone wins when you work in a pleasant work environment. 

I also want to pay my employees very well.  As the profitability of my law practice increases, so will your wage.  I will occasionally pay bonuses when an employee has "gone the extra mile" for me or has done exceptional work.

THE CHALLENGES:  I currently practice in criminal law, transportation law, and estate planning.  The vast majority of my practice is still representing people who receive traffic tickets. I do a high volume of tickets each day.  This means that you will be answering a high volume of calls.  It is a high pressure job at times because of the volume of calls and the court deadlines that must be met.  If we do not meet a deadline, a client could go to jail.  If you hate occasionally working under pressure, then this is not the job for you.

All types of people, from celebrities and other lawyers to the indigent, hire me to represent them concerning their tickets.  Most of my clients are polite. However, you must be able to deal with the clients who can be impatient and difficult.  Many have a very difficult time concentrating and understanding even simple instructions.

When interviewing a client, you must be able to concentrate on a checklist of things to say and things to do.   If you miss one thing, it can cause problems for the client and us.  If you are not the type of person who likes to concentrate on the details, then this is not the job for you.

About Tim Rusk and my practice

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 1981 with a degree in finance.  I was a credit analyst for a year, did not enjoy it, so I joined the Army.  I served active duty in the infantry for two years.  After the Army I went to seminary with the intent of going into the ministry.  I decided that I would be more effective serving God as a lay minister, so I did not complete seminary.  I left seminary and immediately obtained a law degree at Texas Tech School of Law.

I started my law practice in February of 1993.  I don't try to do it all.  A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.  My philosophy in life is "just do a few things well."  I limit my practice to just a few areas of law.  Probably one of the most valuable services that I provide to my clients is my free 5-minute consultation and referral.  Since day one of my practice, I have searched for attorneys that have a high level of integrity and competency in each legal field.  If I cannot serve a client, I can usually refer him to an excellent attorney who can help him. 

My goal is to provide every client with excellent service at a reasonable price.  I want good faith, excellence, and integrity to characterize all my dealings with my employees, the courts, other attorneys, and my clients.
I am excited about the future of my practice.  I plan to expand my practice into other areas of law and maybe even some non-legal areas.  If this is the job for you, then come grow with us!

The Application Process

If you are interested in this position, then please do the following.

STEP #1:  Mail or fax me ( 817- 282- 5656 ) a resumé and a cover letter. In the cover letter explain why you are interested in this position and why you want a part-time employment. You may also e-mail these to paralegal@attorneyrusk.com. If you e-mail these, the resumé and cover letter must be attachments to the email. You may call to verify that we have received your resumé, but do not call or appear at my office for more information about the job. I will answer all of your questions at the information session that is mentioned in step #2.

STEP #2:  If I believe that you are a good candidate for a position, then I will contact you to attend an information session.   The purpose of the session is to give you more information about the law office.  You will get to see the office and meet me in person.  I then ask you to inform me if you are still interested in the position.  If you say "yes," then we go to step #3.

STEP #3:  You will be scheduled to take a typing test.  If you type 40 w.p.m. or more, then you go to Step #4.

STEP #4:  You will be scheduled to take three 4-minute tests and one 12-minute test.  This testing session will last about 1 hour. These tests will measure your clerical skills.  Most of my applicants do pass these tests.  Then you will be scheduled for step #5.

STEP #5:  You will interview with me.  You will also interview with at least one of my senior paralegals.  This will allow you to meet the people with whom you will work.  My paralegals and I then decide whom to hire.  I will contact you to see if you will accept the position.

STEP #6:   A civil and criminal background check will be performed by a private investigator.  If you pass the background check, then I ask you to sign an employment contract.

STEP #7:  You sign an employment agreement and you are hired!  See below for information about the agreement.

Information about the employment agreement

A tremendous amount of time is invested in training a new paralegal. Because of this huge investment of my resources, I need for the employee to commit to stay with me for a period of time.  The reason that I need it in writing is there are applicants who will lie to me just to get a couple of paychecks.  Let me illustrate by sharing with you a hard-learned lesson.   Early in my practice I hired a woman who orally promised that she would stay for at least a year. She was my only employee.  I trained her intensely for a month.  The day that I finished her training she gave me her two-week notice and confessed that she had continued to interview after she accepted employment with me.  I cannot tell you how much damage this did to me.

The employment agreement is designed to protect me from people like this. It basically says that you agree to work for me for at least a period of time, which is usually a year.  If you violate your contract, then you agree to repay the cost of your training. 

If you are like my former employee, then I hope this contract scares you off.  That is what it is designed to do. If you are not like her, then do not let this contract keep you from applying.  My office is built on good faith.  I assure you that nobody who is open, honest, and works with me in good faith has ever had a problem with me.

2nd Position:  Data Input Clerk

COMPENSATION:  This is a part-time position. Shifts are available M-F. Each shift starts at noon and ends at 6 p.m. You will start at $ 9 /hour. Your raises after this depend on your performance and the profitability of my office. There are no health-care benefits.
WHAT YOU WILL DO:  You will answer phones, enter data into a computer, print letters, then fold them and stamp them. You will also do a great deal of filing.

QUALIFICATIONS:    You must type at least 40 w.p.m.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  This is the same process as applying for paralegal except there is no employment agreement.

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